Project Description

Glen Bowes

Since 2003, Bowes IT Solutions has been helping the non-profit sector make the most of technology. Unlike other IT consultants, Bowes IT is not obsessed with with delivering the most costly solutions. In IT, bigger and more expensive is not always better.

Our approach is different; we use the best of tools available whether they be commercial tools, open source tools, cloud tools, or any other tools. Hardware and software vendors are biased, and rightly so.  As technology consultants however, our job is to weed through the options and uncover the best solutions, not just the easiest and most profitable solutions.

Glen Bowes is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certified and has taught data networking at the college level. Glen has been in the IT industry for 20 years and supports a number of business and non-profit IT systems in and around Niagara.

A few things Bowes IT can help your organization with:

  • Source hardware and software at a fraction of the price for-profits would pay
  • Create collaborative environments for your staff, management, board members, volunteers, or any other group
  • Create easy to use systems to communicate events etc with supporters
  • Build a state of the art IT environment suited to your business needs
  • Connect locations and establish remote access systems for staff, management, and suppliers
  • Manage your systems in a timely and professional manner

Core Services

  • IT support & consulting
  • Mobile & remote repair

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