What Sets Us Apart


This is a place where teamwork rules.

We believe that collaboration beats competition every time. None of our associates work alone – we know what each of us does best and we work together to handle each element of your project as appropriate. Do you need research conducted or have a project to manage? Have questions about board governance or non-profit law? Could you use your own creative design team? The GDA team will give you the services and expertise you need in one place, so you save time and consolidate your investment.


Nothing replaces experience and together we have 100 years of it.

Our associates come from a variety of backgrounds and sectors – business, publishing, education, law, not-for-profit, IT, etc. Each of them have established careers and a passion for what they do.


Our strong reputations precede us.

You’re only as good as your reputation and our teams’ are impeccable! You can trust us – we’re glad to give you references who can tell you about their positive experiences. We’re earned out reputations and when you work with our team, our positive images will rub off on your project.


Honesty and integrity are the foundation of our work.

Personally and professionally, the GDA team operates using the GDA values. We’ll explain costs up front, and tell you if we feel you’d be better served by another consulting firm. When you work with us, we’ll let you know when we hit a roadblock or need more information from you.


Our approaches are flexible because no two organizations are the same.

We never use the same approach twice. Every client has unique needs and circumstances. Sure, we’ll build on the resources and tools we have – but we never use a cookie-cutter approach. We’ll listen to you – and do our best to meet your budget, timelines and desired results.

Ingenuity & Innovation

We find creative new ways to solve problems.

If you have a challenge that seems insurmountable, bring it to the GDA team! We’re objective, and come with distinctly different perspectives. We’ll gather our collective energies to create solutions you wouldn’t come up with on your own.



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